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If You Can't Get Tough, Get Weird

by Jessica Best and the Creeping Doubts

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In Flight 01:26
come you flyboys and flygirls, and fly-other-folk come you soldiers, the green and the old come you rebels and droids and all those employed resisting the first order’s hold our enemy’s fearsome, they want us afraid that fear and that hate’s where they dwell so summon a grin and you’re already winning to love is an act of rebellion so let’s fly and find things to love, what else were we made for? oh that’s why we can keep looking up, in the face of such horror though parsecs may part us we know light from dark, yes though lasers may fire, we won’t flee and when new villains rise we will take to the skies yeah, new tyrants will rise, so will we! and we’ll fly break the bounds of the ground, and laugh and burn brighter oh that’s why and it’s part of the fight: to remember you’re more than a fighter
oh an undead army of the women you’ve fridged are gonna come for you all the wives and the girlfriends, the sisters and kids, they’re gonna come for you bar your door, say your prayers, cross your fingers someone up there cares for your lazy ass writing that you thought was so deep, they’re gonna come for you just a legion of ladies with a promise to keep, they’re gonna come for you they’ll avenge all your crimes, if you’re lucky your death will advance a plot line when fictional women whose lives you destroyed come for you for that shocking finale, well you’ll be shocked boy, when they come for you hear their growls, hear their laughter, well i thought dark and edgy was what you were after…
you’re losing the culture war and each day you lose more as you rail against all these millenials: their movements and selfies and preference for rental look back on the past decades and get sentimental “things were simpler then …for some straight white cis men” you’re losing the culture war with each group you ignore as you cling steadfast to your hate, dismissing the bulk of the whole human race, and cut yourself off from compassion and grace you’ll die scared and confused, clutching stupid-ass views for this world—oh, this world!—will slip from your grasp though i fear your last gasps cause the death throes are gonna be rough doing real damage with every dumb bluff and targeting those who have suffered enough you’ll go out with a bang, but go out all the same and i sincerely can’t wait though i can’t dodge fate we’re all finite, nobody is spared so may i survive til i’m hopelessly square but keep ranks with those of the old folks who dare to stay open and true, so i won’t die a dickbag like you la la la la la la la la la la
oh the countdown clock is ticking but there could yet be a way to slip in under the wire and when you’re clinging by your teeth the fall starts almost beckoning but i’m still aiming higher you got me searchin for a midnight florist it’s a long shot for a short con but i am hanging on a hail mary, game ender or a prayer that gets returned to sender, won’t be long when the god in the machine is nowhere to be seen last ditch strategy: plan y then plan z i’m down to hoping for a midnight florist running back to paper over all the cracks inside the verse and the angels of my better nature wanna have some words but they’ll have to find me first and you got me gunning for that midnight florist
so stop me if you’ve heard this one, cause maybe you have heard this one and honest, it’s absurd but someday i still think we’ll figure it out what shit’s all about like every single birthday, in the back of my mind still i say, “well, this could be the year where you get tough, get smart, and learn to read maps" —like that’s gonna happen but maybe if i was a little less mean to myself might have more time for everything else and it would be win-win hey is it kind of messed up that the times i feel the best about my country all got nothing to do with the state of the state no, it’s my friends and the lakes we’re lonely or we’re unemployed, but if we stared into that void we’d probably go mad, so there’s no shame in sometimes seeking reprieve when that’s what you need so maybe just take a deep breath and go for a walk remember, if you want to talk we drag each other back up and there’s just no profundity in saying “we’re all fucked”, you see in my experience, y'know, those simple answers never are right and that’s my golden light it’s not that i’m starry eyed, i only like the sunny side when everyone involved can admit there’s dark in shocking amounts and that’s why sunny counts and maybe it’s not a question of evil or good do what you must and then do what you should and keep the shoreline in sight so stop me if you’ve heard this one, i’m thinking you have heard this one we struggle for the words but someday i still think we’ll figure it out


released March 25, 2018


all rights reserved



Jessica Best and the Creeping Doubts Chicago, Illinois

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